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blue rrectThe coast defines Australia. But coastal councils and communities are facing a complex and difficult range of pressures.

These include:

  • The challenge of keeping pace with continuing population growth
  • A shortfall in infrastructure and services
  • An urgent need to deal with coastal erosion and the risk of more frequent and severe extreme weather events
  • The potential impact of natural disasters.

Australia’s coast is home to the nation’s state capitals and to more than 85% of Australia’s population. Most of the nation’s industrial assets are located in coastal areas and many coastal communities are attempting to deal with some of the highest growth rates in the nation.

The coast is one of our most highly valued social, economic and environmental assets. The members of the National Sea Change Taskforce want to make sure it stays that way for the benefit of future generations.

The objectives of the Taskforce, are:

  • To support and advance the interests of coastal councils and their constituencies;
  • To provide national leadership in addressing the impact of the sea change phenomenon;
  • To work collaboratively with local State and Federal Governments to develop a coordinated approach to managing population and tourism growth in coastal areas;
  • To assist coastal councils to increase their capacity to respond to coastal issues including projected climate change impacts and adaptation.

Sea Change Sustainability Charter

The Sea Change Sustainability Charter was adopted at a Special General Meeting of Members held at Port Douglas on 3 April 2006. It seeks the commitment of all spheres of government to a collaborative national response to sea change growth.

The Sea Change Sustainability Charter represents an important step towards development of a policy framework that integrates the environmental, social and economic wellbeing of the Australian coastline and its communities with the timely funding and delivery of hard and soft infrastructure.

View the Sea Change Sustainability Charter here

blue rrect

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